Knowledge Management

I do (or will do) a lot of writing. I also have a lot on my reading list every day. There's a strong need for me to have a good knowledge information system and I have been struggling with Obsidian a bit. The plugins are great, but there's a few that I rely on that suck. I will protect the guilty by not naming them – I'm sure they wrote the thing and stopped once they got a viable product.

I don't (currently) have the skills or time to fix that particular problem and I am intrigued by Zettlr. The other selling point of it is the concept of organizing vaults or workbooks of markdown files. I have gone so far as to open up a relatively new Obsidian vault in Zettlr with no issue.

There's also the focus on the Zettlekasten method, which I have heard great things about, but it seems like a bunch of up front busywork.

I don't know that I have any sort of conclusions here. I've thrown a poll up on the fedi from my account on Feel free to chime in there:

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