It is time

It was late in 2019 when I heard about the new Dune movie coming. I was thrilled – I had gotten into the thing when I watched the Lynch movie. I didn't understand half of what was going on, but space was involved which was cool. There were mentats who could info dump like I do. I wanted to be Paul which, of course, is the point of a good protagonist. Young me who couldn't be bothered to read fiction longer than a comic book borrowed their first copy from the library. I bought the entire series with lawn mowing money shortly after.

In 40 minutes I will be in a movie theater sitting in reserved seat far from the madding crowd (1), getting ready to watch mechanical dragonflies escape ridiculously terrifing sandworms that would make Beetlejuice shit his pants. There are things about the series and the content that haven't aged well, and let's be honest – anyone who doesn't think this addressing issues in global politics and the middle east specifically isn't looking hard enough. I will withhold a longer discussion on how well Frank Herbert handled those issues and the nuances. There are people who have degrees in that area who can, and probably have, weigh in.

I'll just be here with the sappho(2) adding speed, putting my mind in motion, and enjoying the space opera that got me deeper into sci-fi than Star Wars ever did.

I will report my decidedly-fan-boy-not-at-all-biased findings in 3 hours or so.


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