Did I Forget?

You know the drill. Someone starts a blog. It has ideas. It's going places. They write a hello world post that sounds like a board room pitch, go for a few days and then the thing dies. Maybe that's just me. I've done that.

I'll admit that I really mostly wanted to see how writefreely felt as a platform as an admin. I had used it before. I still like writing though, and it seems nice to keep around. The only problem? I haven't had enough time.

Today I nearly finished a post I had started two days ago, and my dog (or rather writefreely) ate my homework. There was a disagreement about the updated version from cache and my page refreshed with the pre-edited version of the page. Lesson learned: Write your entry in a markdown editor and then paste.

So look forward to a short writeup of a tarot/lenormand hybrid spread I've been working with and have found to be most helpful.


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