Open Music

Art should be art - not product.

The Department 23 Project (dept23) aims to solve this problem by using open source tech and ideology to create and release music independently and into the commons wherever possible.

About Dr. Skrzyk

Dr. Otto Skrzyk is a multi-instrumentalist who writes and plays original music. You can expect a variety of styles that are a mix of electronic, funk, progressive, and folk. Their music uses unique layers of traditional folk instruments, such the irish bouzouki and bodhrain, with synthesizers and guitar. They use open source tools such as Ardour, KXStudio, Helm, and others thus avoiding commercial studio software entirely.

They have also had a long career as a Linux and Virtualization engineer. The creative and technological worlds are intertwined and inform one another. Their music reflects this.

Finding Dr. Skrzyk’s Music

Bandcamp (coming soon)

Files related to the music creation such as notation, midi, or synth patches will be made available on github where feasible.

Please donate to this project via ko-fi. Funds will cover the costs of hosting and purchase of equipment for recording and making music.

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Contact Dr. Skrzyk


You are welcome to contact me via email at otto on this domain (

e-mail dr. skrzyk

Social Media

We do not, as a matter of ethical concern, use Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or other corporate commercial social media. Instead, we are on a federated, decentralized network known as the “Fediverse”, or more commonly as Mastodon. It is similar to twitter (microblogging), but run largely by volunteers and people just like us. Our profile can be found on


Our concerns about the ethics of big corporate social technology extends to chat. We use Matrix as due to its decentralized nature and support for end to end encryption throughout.

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